10 Simple Tips for Making Highly Engaging Videos

December 13

No matter if you want to create professional videos that you can monetize online with services like iFans or wish to pursue videography as a hobby, it takes more than expensive equipment to produce a quality video. Many beginner videographers get frustrated with everything that goes into video making and soon quit their journey.

Let’s face it: making videos that support your message and look catchy isn’t easy for beginners. You’ll have to master the essential video techniques to create engaging content. The good news is that learning at least the basics of creating videos can remove most of your frustration. Once you master the basic videoing techniques, you can level up and learn those cinematic tricks you’ve always admired.

Here’re the top 10 professional videoing tips to help you earn and retain more recognition from your viewers and earn money by uploading your content to iFans – your digital content paywall service. These video shooting tips cover the most fundamental and important elements of good video production.

New content creators either feel overwhelmed by their ideas and inspirations or don’t have anything good enough to start with. If you’re going through the same phase, let your passion guide you. Why did you decide to make videos? What inspires you the most? What’s that message you want to convey through your content? Your answers to these questions will determine your entire video making journey.

When a massive audience spends their time watching videos, no idea is irrelevant or too-beaten. You only need to brush up on your content and tailor it to meet your objectives. When you feel passionate about your work, it gets more exciting and rewarding. So, don’t push back your ideas. At least give yourself a chance to see if your ideas and passion work together.

Having a concise and easy-to-understand video script is the cornerstone of any high-quality video. When your video content is available as a blueprint, it will help you understand where you need improvement.

You may assume that your ideas are convincing, but unless you put them in writing and get someone else’s opinion on it, you cannot be 100% sure. So, it is not a good idea to start randomly without a script.

Always write down the story, and give it a thorough read before proceeding. If you aren’t confident about writing a script from scratch, it is a good idea to get a professional writer on-board.

Using your video equipment might seem tricky initially, but as they say, practice makes a man (and woman) perfect. As you use the equipment, you’ll find it easy to adjust your camera, sound recorder, and lighting.

We recommend you frame your shot to ensure everything is perfect. Your shot’s background, focus, and lighting are important factors, so don’t settle unless they’re perfect.

A good video shouldn’t look too flashy or dull because that will kill your content’s vitality. Be sure to balance the colors and shoot in a mess-free, calm place for better results. When you get new shooting gear, study its features for seamless operating to save yourself from the extra hassle.

A clear and seamless focus enhances a shot’s beauty. But most beginner videographers struggle with focusing and stability because it requires patience. If moving the camera seems challenging, it makes sense to get a stable tripod that can support your equipment’s weight. Alternatively, you can stand beside a stable surface and ensure your body movement doesn’t shake the final shot.

No matter if you want to make food videos or just want to capture the landscape, learn to focus, and stabilize the frame. Even if your shooting camera is heavy, you can capture well-balanced shots with practice; make sure your slight body movements don’t impact the final views.

Sound is the second most crucial aspect of a video as it impacts the overall project. When you shoot in a noisy place or don’t know the right sound pitch for a video, a viewer is more likely to scroll past.

Make sure always to use professional camcorders to enhance the voice’s quality. You’ll find various camcorders and high-quality mics that don’t cost a fortune; just grab one and get started. Also, check a shot’s sound before recording anything else because it’ll save your editing time.

Lighting can make or break your video’s impression. Before starting the shooting, make sure the lighting is balanced and pleasant. Professional videographers keep a close eye on the angles and lighting while shooting video because it helps them deliver better video content.

No worries if you don’t have high-end lighting equipment because natural lighting will also suffice. To save energy, check for the ambient light while deciding your video’s frame.

Having a reliable overhead light can be a great addition to your gear, but you can still produce high-quality content even if you don’t have it yet.

If you have decided to record the video outdoors, be sure to shoot your video only when the natural light is soft. But if you’ve arranged an indoor set-up, pick a room with sufficient natural light and added light sources, such as ceiling lights and lamps.

Visual aesthetics is one of the best-kept secrets of professional videographers. Make sure to be unique and carry your content style and voice. Whether you shoot prank videos, share knowledgeable insights, or interview subjects, your unique aesthetics and style statement has to be visible throughout your videos. This uniqueness can stem from a particular background, lighting types, or colors; select the aesthetic features that match your style and make them your trademark.

Sure, pursuing a particular theme is a good idea, but experiments keep your target’s audience’s interest alive. You should change shooting angles and background to see what interests your audience the most. Shifting the shooting spot is another great idea to keep the enthusiasm alive. Adding a colored background can enhance a video’s beauty and help your visual appeal goals too.

Optimizing a video to meet your preferred platform’s format is inevitable, especially when you want to monetize your content or use it for video marketing. Whether you’ll upload your video to Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, iFans, or any other site, make sure it’s length, title, and description are appropriately optimized.

For example, instead of shooting long videos and sharing them in different posts, it is a good idea to make a 1-minute video for your Instagram handle and optimize them with relevant and popular hashtags. Similarly, extra-long videos don’t interest Instagram users, so you can upload them to iFans or YouTube instead and optimize them with keywords.

After shooting your video, post-production or editing is the next crucial stage. You’ll crop the unnecessary or poorly shot scenes and refine your work before releasing your production. This phase might seem easy, but it’s trickier than you think.

If you aren’t familiar with good editing software or don’t have video editing experience, learn it, or let someone with editing skills do the work. You can find plenty of editing tools and software online and master any of them to improve your videos.

Bland and run-of-the-mill content won’t appeal to your target audience. Exclusivity and uniqueness in videos are crucial here. If you have your way with aesthetics and sounds, your videos will never feel mediocre. Alternatively, you can improve your aesthetic sense with practice.

You can experiment with different soundtracks and pick the best one to support your message. Remember that music plays a significant role in triggering a viewer’s emotions, so choose it carefully. Another cool way to interest your target audience is by using experimental visual effects in your videos.

It takes time and effort to become a good video maker. Once you master the art of high-quality video production, you can produce great content that will spur engagement and get you more followers. It takes persistence, commitment, the right equipment, and a compelling video script to create amazing videos. Use the video making tips given above and leave the world awe-inspired with your video skills.

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By Alex
December 13, 2020

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