5 Fun Ways to Involve Your Fans in Your Next Project

January 12

A stronger community of loyal fans is the lifeblood of a digital media content creator’s career. Your fans give you the strength and vitality to thrive and progress in your niche. These folks can play a crucial role in helping you to create a robust digital presence and share content that is genuine, helpful, entertaining, and fun. As such, it makes sense to involve your fans in your digital content creation project, whether it is for social media or a modern and robust creator platform like iFans.

In this post, we’ll discuss some exciting fan engagement ideas. But before going there, let’s have a look at why digital fan engagement matters.

Fan engagement builds trust in your online community. Whether you’re a digital content creator or a social media manager, involving your fans and customers in the creative processes will reward you with greater customer loyalty and a higher probability of being recommended to others – something which builds up your audience.

If you were a content consumer, you would feel special and valued when a brand or content creator that you follow involves you in their project. The greater the engagement, the more your fans will love and promote your content.

Interacting with your social media fans and iFans followers helps build brand image, loyalty, and trustworthiness. And if you’re a creator on iFans, these elements can translate into monetary benefits for you. Since iFans allows you to monetize your digital content by putting it behind a digital paywall, your loyal fans are highly likely to pay you for viewing your exclusive content.

Given the importance of fan engagement, here are 5 fan project ideas to involve your fans in your content creation process and boost engagement.

Whether you get one of your fans to make a cameo in your newest video or mention them in the credits, shoutouts to fans always go a long way toward boosting fan engagement. Not only does it make existing fans feel appreciated, but it also excites potential fans at the prospect of being featured in your project or interacting with a content creator or brand (think: hero worship). Featuring fans is a wonderful way to show your community that you care about them and are open to meaningful, two-way communication.

There’s one secret fan engagement strategy that most social media marketers know: Having a community of loyal fans is a goldmine of insights and ideas. It is your go-to resource whenever you need insight or feedback on any new or existing content creation project. Remember, even if you don’t have tens of thousands, you can still receive valuable feedback on your work from your small or medium fanbase.

Every fan is unique, and every opinion can give you a great new idea on how to improve your content, service, or brand image. It is vital for a content creator on iFans to understand what the consumers want instead of what you think they want.

Asking your fans for feedback and then incorporating their input in your content will add value to your work, besides making your fans feel special. And it saves you a lot of guesswork, too! The best part is that asking your iFans followers for feedback and ideas increases the prospect of them coming back to see your new content, even if they’ve to pay for it every time.

Communicating with your fans in real-time is highly effective in creating engagement. You can use the live stream feature on social platforms for real-time engagement with your digital fans. Livestreaming is also very effective in moving your existing fans on different digital networks to iFans, where you can monetize your high-value, exclusive digital content.

iFans is a new content platform where fans are willing to pay to view digital media content that they value and relate to, from creators they know will deliver something worthwhile. It offers more value to both creators and audiences; your fans pay you money for accessing your exclusive content, whereas iFans ensures both the viewers’ and creators’ privacy.

The most celebrated content creators have one thing in common: they hold live Q&A sessions to engage with their fans and receive feedback on their work. Question and answer sessions give your fans a chance to connect with you at a personal level, besides getting a sneak peek at the creative process and bond with your brand. It also helps you gain insight into what you can do to improve your content marketing.

An unscripted ask-me-anything session can be challenging, but you can start by choosing a topic you’re knowledgeable about and take only relevant questions. That way, you know you won’t run out of things to say.

It is a good idea to send out a notification or email to your fans on when you will hold a Q&A and what topic you’ll be taking questions on – this will help get your fans excited about getting to know you more. It will also ensure more participants and increase your reach.

People want fame, whether it is on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter or new media platforms like iFans. The idea of 15 Minutes of Fame allows you to convert your followers into lifetime fans. There are tons of fun project ideas out there to make it work.

You can hold a contest and ask fans to submit original work. It will get your fans excited to be featured and help you collect user-generated content (UGC) that you can use as your iFans or social media content. It will also help you reach beyond your existing fanbase when your current followers share the project on social networks.

Involving your fans in your digital content projects comes with many benefits. Chief among these are increased engagement and attracting new followers. This could help boost your iFans earnings because your loyal fans will always come to view your content.

iFans is an ideal platform for digital media content creators to monetize their work. This new media guarantees security, privacy, and exclusivity for fans and creators alike. It also allows you to calculate your potential earnings based on your audience size.

So sign up now and see how iFans works!

By Alex
January 12, 2021

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