7 Tips for Staying Connected With Your Growing Fanbase

December 15

For a person with a sizable online influence and an ever-growing fanbase, engagement with your community is necessary to sustain your follower count. But it can get complicated to maintain that same level of engagement at all times. You’ll have to communicate with fans from several different existing time zones and make sure you’re as responsive as possible to direct contact from fans.

But that’s all easier said than done. Having a growing fanbase on any platform is excellent, but you’re only human, and unless you hire a robot to do your fan-mingling for you automatically, it is going to be quite challenging. The same holds for your iFans fanbase. Staying connected with your growing fanbase on this digital media content monetization platform is the key to boosting your earnings.

Luckily, we’ve got some tips and tricks that will not only help you manage engagement with your followers but also get you more fans.

While it’s easy to get lost in the euphoric spotlight of having a dedicated fanbase, you must not forget that you are where you are because the fans put you there in the first place.

Learning how to gain a fanbase is quite different from how to maintain and grow one. You cannot repeat the same steps you used to build a fanbase in this case. The fans you have are real people who have their own lives, hobbies, emotions, and interests. Making fans can be relatively straightforward as your potential fans could maybe listen to your music on the radio, view your visual content on your Facebook page, or read your blog posts.

These people take time out of their lives and dedicate it to your support. The least bit you can do to return the favor is not entirely to ignore them. People have feelings, and an acknowledgment from someone they admire could mean the world to them.

Whatever product, digital media content, or art you create, make sure to maintain a high-quality standard that remains consistent throughout. Remember that your work and demeanor reflect on your brand image, so as long as your product and content quality is maintained, all you will need to do is to showcase your brand image in a positive light.

Make sure to value your audience and be as amicable and uplifting as possible so that your brand is perceived as trustworthy and positive. Refrain from all sorts of negative, salesy, or controversial content that could risk tarnishing the public reputation of your brand.

Push out content explicitly dedicated to your fan base. Whether it’s a thank-you message in an Instagram post, an appreciation video on YouTube or iFans, or even a blog post, make sure to speak directly with your fans from time to time.

As if talking to one single fan, make sure your messages are as personalized as you can make them out to be. If you see a recurring set of questions in your comments and mentions, address that issue collectively in one post, making it a seemingly direct response to each individual request.

Give an occasional shout out to your most dedicated fans and let them know that you’re thinking of them.

Arranging fun activities for your fans, like giveaways and contests, is a great way to get some community engagement. Your fans do their best to get a chance at being directly contacted by you. The giveaways, structured like lottery, wins based on the number of shares, and mentions from the fans are a smart way to keep the fans engaged, bumping up your influence metrics and raking in new followers.

It is a good idea to pair the contests up with live announcement feeds to make the events seem even more special. Try to make the rewards in these contests and giveaways as valuable and unique as possible, personalizing the messages to the announced winners as well.

The whole event hosts a plethora of positive outcomes, so it is good to make the giveaways a common happening. Maybe even do a sponsored one, letting you earn revenue from advertisement while giving away some expensive and sponsor-funded prizes. You could organize such contests and giveaways with your Facebook fans and then scale to other social media platforms.

Email is yet another effective channel of communication to stay connected with and nurture relationships with your fans. It provides a great way to give fans and website members special loyalty discounts on merchandise and products, as well as personalized messages.

Although emails are great marketing tools for your products, your emails must not sound salesy or appear marketing-oriented. Emails like reminders about live sessions, invitations to meetups, and thank you notes sent to your mailing list can go a long way toward strengthening your ties with your fans.

Going live is the best way to make your interactions with the fans seem as real-life and personal as possible. Live video streams on platforms like Instagram, twitch, and Facebook allows you to respond to your fans’ questions and messages in real-time. You can use this as a social media marketing strategy to interact with your fans and acknowledge their significance.

It also makes sense to use live events to give your followers quick updates about your work, show them exclusive snapshots of your ‘behind-the-scenes’ everyday life, or even talk to select fans via video chat during the streams to achieve the closest thing to a face-to-face conversation. The result is direct and effective communication with your follower base, which will promote the feeling of belonging and community.

Although it may be hard to maintain the same engagement levels with your ever-growing following consistently, you can do it with enough determination and care. You may be aware of how to gain fans but maintaining the fanbase is a job in its own right. You must regularly respond to your fans but being available 24/7 is understandably challenging.

Engage with every comment and reply. Platforms like instagram and TikTok reward your content when you bring people back to look at it over and over again. If you ‘like’ a comment someone made on your post, they will be notified, and open the app to check it out. You are rewarded for stoking this behavior in the algorithm giving your content even more reach.

Repost your fan’s comments and content where relevant. People who create content around their favorite celebrity or influencer, and receive exposure directly from the influencer, give a strong incentive to keep creating more, and encourage others to do the same.

It is a good idea to dedicate separate time slots every day or week to address and answer amassed messages and comments from your loving fans. Reply to emails, like or heart fan-messages on social networks, post polls, ask questions, and maybe even involve the fans in your content creation process.

For example, you can ask your followers for inputs for your next video or blog post and then incorporate those ideas into your content. Make sure to acknowledge the admiration that your fans have for you, and the result will only be a bigger and more tightly-knit fan-community.

Your fans deserve your love and attention, the same way they shower you with words of support and endearment daily. When it comes to monetizing your digital content with iFans, do your best to stay connected with your loyal mini-army. They could soon become your marketing department and a self-sustaining community.

Remember that the larger your iFans fanbase, the more will be your income. By engaging with your target audience, you can rest assured that your follower base will grow and so will your earnings. Want to learn more about iFans and its paywall model? Check out our website.

By Alex
December 15, 2020

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