8 Things to Do When You Sign Up to iFans

March 31

Getting a substantial following is the essence of digital media content creation. Your followers help build your brand and give you recognition in exchange for enjoyable and meaningful content.

Setting up an iFans account may seem intimidating at the start. This is natural. Transitioning to a new digital content platform comes with uncertainties, after all.

But remember that once you sign up on iFans, things will gradually fall into place. The best part is that the platform has been designed to ensure smooth transitioning.

Once you sign up for iFans, there are certain essential things you have to do! The most important of the iFans tips have been explained below:

Promoting your iFans account on social media starts with signing up to iFans as a creator and populating your account with content pieces, such as posts to followers, posts to subscribers, and PPV content.

Second, add your iFans profile link to your social media accounts. Your social media followers can click the link and visit your iFans account. By doing so, you’ll be promoting your iFans account indirectly. Also, engage with your social media fans by responding to comments and private messages, besides asking questions and starting conversations.

The most important strategy for social media promotion is to produce quality content consistently. This will help push traffic to your iFans account. Also, be sure to join relevant groups on Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media platforms to promote your iFans profile to your target audience. You can even partner with influencers and micro-influencers to drive social media traffic to your iFans profile.

Learn more strategies to grow your iFans account through social media.

Having many iFans followers is not enough to establish a thriving community of enthusiasts. You have to interact and engage with your fans to establish a two-way, trusted relationship. By doing so, you’re offering value to your followers at a personal level.

Be sure to respond to your followers when they comment on your content or send DMs. By doing so, you’ll get to know your audience’s preferences. You can also ask for their inputs to create new content and even involve them in your projects. Give your devoted followers shout-outs and use polls to determine the types of content they like the most.

Since iFans is a subscription-based service, chances are users not subscribed to you will not know about the content you are putting out there. As such, it is a good idea to advertise small clips of your featured content through Facebook ads, Google ads, and other ad networks with your iFans page link. This will help direct new users to your iFans account.

iFans creators have the freedom to set their own subscription charges. They may even set different rates for different content. You can charge anywhere between $5 and $50 to give subscribers access to your piece of content. It is best to keep your subscription charges in a reasonable range.

Most creators agree that $10 to $30 is a reasonable amount, depending on the content type, quality, and posting schedule. Your subscription charges must be priced in a way that allows your fans to appreciate and value your work.

You may wonder how free content would generate money. Not everyone is willing to restrict themselves to a subscription, so the only way for them to view your content is when you offer it for free. Offering free content may seem like you are setting low standards, but it can get you more followers and create a buzz.

Most other digital content platforms require you to have two separate creator accounts: one to promote free, teaser content and the other to push paid content to your subscribers. Managing two accounts can be quite a hassle. And the good news is that iFans doesn’t require you to have two separate creator accounts.

When users follow your iFans account, they’ll be able to view only your free tier content. When they subscribe to your account, they’ll have to pay a monthly fee to access your premium tier of content, which does not include individual PPV pieces of content. (Individual pieces of content that you put a paywall on, which a user must pay in order to view.)” content available on your profile. But for high-quality content pieces and long videos, they still may have to pay a view price to unlock.

When you post content to iFans, you get the option to set it to either Public Access or Subscriber Access. Your public access posts will be visible to all of your followers and subscribers, whereas your subscriber access content pieces will be accessible only to subscribers paying your monthly fee.

Pay-per-view messages are perhaps one of the best ways to earn money on iFans. You can use it to share exclusive paid content with your most loyal subscribers via private messages. If your content is exciting and engaging, you’re sure to boost your PPVs.

It is a good idea to set different PPV tiers to cater to different follower types. You cannot expect all of your followers to have the same monetary standing, so instead, set categories such as low, medium, high, and premium.

One of the best ways to bring in money and followers is through promotional campaigns. These campaigns not only help boost subscriber count, but they also give your followers a steal of a deal. Promotional campaigns benefit both parties, so never say never. The best time for promotions is on special occasions and holidays, such as Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Christmas, and more.

Creator collaborations are an excellent way to garner fans. Partnerships bring creators the mutual benefit of more followers and give their audiences exposure to something different and new. You can create content together or work on a coordinated campaign or simply give each other shout-outs. Creator collaborations are very genuine and generate excellent results, so keep a lookout for like-minded creators to explore future prospects.

Use these 8 tips after you sign up for an iFans creator account. Connect with like-minded people and watch your account grow into a community.

If you are new to iFans, explore the platform and set up an account today. Upload your digital media content to iFans and start making money.

By Alex
March 31, 2021

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8 Things to Do When You Sign Up to iFans

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