8 Simple But Clever Ways to Engage With Your Fans

December 29

As a digital media content creator, you know that the support you get from your fans and followers is an essential part of your career. And because your fans are crucial to your success, it makes sense to nurture a sustainable relationship with them through different engagement strategies.

Engaging with your fans is particularly vital when your digital content is behind a paywall like on iFans, which allows you to monetize your videos, images, graphics, podcasts, and more. You want your fans to keep supporting you because, in this case, they are also providing you with monetary support. Interacting with your fans can also expand your content’s reach and expand your fanbase.

Here are eight effective fan engagement methods that will have your existing fans stick around and help you get more fans.

There is so much content in users’ news feeds on Twitter and Facebook that your posts end up getting lost. How would your social fans see your content if it doesn’t show up in their news feeds? It is a good idea to use the stories feature on Facebook and Instagram, but due to the vast amount of creators on those platforms, it becomes challenging to stand out.
But when it comes to iFans, it is easy to grab your fans’ attention because it is free of clutter. Creators make their content visible only to users who pay to access the content. But it is still vital to attract your iFans’ attention through high-quality, interactive, and entertaining content.

Creating good quality content and asking for feedback from your followers can generate responses and lead to conversations. Attracting your fans’ attention will increase their likelihood of coming back to see more of your content. Since your iFans content is exclusive and behind a digital paywall, your devoted fans will be willing to pay you every time they want to access your content.

The best way to allow for fan networking is to create engagement in real-time. On social media, live streaming is like a fun event you hold for your fans. And because it’s happening in real-time, it allows you as a creator to express yourself more freely with your fans, letting them see what you’re really like as a person. Live streaming provides you with the best opportunity to engage with your fans and move them to view your exclusive content on your iFans account, where you monetize your digital media content.

You might think live streaming and uploading a video aren’t all that different, but having that ‘in-the-moment’ experience can be a crucial part of getting your fans to see your exclusive content on platforms like iFans.

One way to grow as a digital content creator is to ask your fans questions about your content. What kind of content do you love to see? Is there anything you don’t like? Asking these questions is an integral part of any content strategy because it helps create more engagement since you are directly asking your followers for their input.

While asking questions is important, responding to answers is crucial. The two-way interaction makes your followers feel more personally connected to you than just being a one-sided viewer. Make them feel special, and they’ll frequently come to watch your iFans content.

There will always be some shy (or lazy!) folk in your following who may not want to directly respond to your questions. Not to mention, everyone loves to participate in polls because it makes them feel like a part of the process. By creating polls, you can get your silent followers to contribute and get responses to questions so you can curate your content in better ways. This way, your fans will feel valued and eager to view and promote your work, even if it costs them money.

5. Post at the Right Time

With so many people from around the world following you on iFans and other social platforms, how do you determine the best time to post your content? After all, there will always be some part of your following who wouldn’t be in the right time zone to see you post at the right time.

Using analytics, you can check to see what time of the day your posts get the most interactions. By doing so, you can see what time most of your fans were online, and make sure to post your content within that time range so that more and more people get to see your posts.

While your fans can search and find your content later on, the best time for engagement is when your audience is online at the time of posting.

You might think as a digital media content creator, you have to maintain a certain distance from your followers, but this is far from how it should be. Leaving a simple ‘thank you’ note or liking their comments is technically enough. But if you join conversations and make an effort to get to know your fans better, you can make them feel special. As such, your fans will be excited to see more of your content, especially your high-value content on platforms like iFans.

Without calls to action, chances are most people would simply view your content and leave it at that. Sometimes, you have to tell your followers what step they should take next to see your more valuable or exclusive content.

Just like social media marketers, if you want them to share your posts or click on a link, you must ask them to do so. For example, if your social media fans are liking and sharing your posts, you can guide them on what they have to do to view your more entertaining or helpful content.

Just as you love your content being appreciated, your digital media fans also want engagement with their content. In fact, your fans would love to be acknowledged by someone they appreciate or are inspired by. By sharing their content, you will create engagement and make them feel that your relationship goes two ways.

Engaging with your fans is the best way to build and strengthen your relationship with your audience. With so much clutter on social networks nowadays, creating engagement is a surefire way of staying on top of your followers’ news feeds. Interacting with your social media audience is also an excellent way to move your followers to sites like iFans, where you can monetize your exclusive digital content.

iFans makes your engagement with your fans more meaningful. By signing up as a creator, you can offer exclusive and more valuable content to your most dedicated fans who are willing to pay money to view your work. iFans allows you to put your digital media content behind a paywall and make it accessible specifically to users who pay you to get access to your content.

Check out iFans now and explore your options to monetize your content!

By Alex
December 29, 2020

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