Five Easy Ways to Grow Your iFans Fanbase

January 7

Growing a fanbase for your digital media content can be tough, but it can be even more challenging to build a social media fan base willing to pay money to view your content. But modern digital content monetization platforms like iFans make the entire process easy for content creators as well as their audiences.

iFans allows you to use a digital paywall to monetize most digital media content types, including videos, texts, graphics, news, images, music, podcasts, and more. The network also facilitates your existing and potential fans to find your profile and pay you money for accessing your content. It takes care of processing the payments, managing the subscription, and everything in between.

For any existing or new creator, success in their career depends significantly on the support of their fans – and that refers to people who stick around, who you can be sure will be there to serve as the audience for your next creation as well.

Building a fan base for a single creation is relatively more painless. If you’re a musician and you share your music, and it goes viral, you get a massive audience overnight! But not every digital media content creator is destined to go viral like many people in the music industry. Most creators have to grow their fan base steadily.

So, how to build a fanbase on social media? Or you may ask how to create a fanbase on iFans? Your small follower count might seem a bit disheartening when you first start but don’t worry! Everyone starts small, and there are some simple ways to grow your fanbase easily.

You can replicate the following social media audience growth strategies to build and grow your iFans fanbase.

One of the best ways to get noticed by potential iFans fans is to collaborate with your existing fans. It is a good idea to ask your fans for inputs for your next project. Or maybe you could ask them for feedback about your recent project. Even better, you could post user-generated content – content created by your existing followers. Using similar strategies, you’ll grab the attention of new iFans users who’ll follow you and pay you for viewing your content.

Evergreen content, as the name suggests, is content that doesn’t go out of date. It doesn’t lose its value with time, attracting viewers and fans even many years from now. With how fast social media trends change, the type of content people want to see also changes. The same holds for your fans on iFans.

If you don’t keep up with these trends and fail to provide content that people want to see, you won’t get loyal fans. If your existing followers lose interest in your content, you won’t attract newer fans either! To grow your fanbase, you should make content that is authentic and lasting.

But how can you create digital content with a lasting impact? Be sure to pick your niche and topics carefully, do proper research, and choose your visuals judiciously. Also, update your content when necessary and create content that identifies with your brand.

Creativity is everything when it comes to content creation. From art to literature and videos to images, developing digital media content for your iFans account is all about being creative.

Unless you’re providing something new and of value to your audience, they won’t stick around, and you wouldn’t attract new fans either! People will support you only if they’re sure that your content is worth their time – and in some cases, their money.

Being creative isn’t just about new content ideas! You also have to be creative in how you present it to your audience. When iFans users see something unconventional, they’re more likely to keep an eye on you than if your content doesn’t differ from other creators. Being unconventional and creative at every step is essential!

Everybody loves to win. Whether that’s something they have to work for or just a raffle, everyone loves the feeling of coming out on top. Holding competitions and giveaways are fun ways to give back to your fans on iFans. It will show them that you care, which will make them feel special. Your fans will spread the word and promote your work, expanding your fanbase.

By enticing people through competitions and giveaways, you encourage new iFans users to check out your iFans content. And they might end up following your account! Even if they follow you to get a chance to win the prizes, high-quality content can have these new followers stick around and keep supporting you.

At the end of the day, growing your iFans audience is similar to growing a brand’s consumer base. You have to take some concrete steps to reach your target audience and convert them into your fans.

Besides organic growth strategies, it is a good idea to use modern marketing techniques like digital advertising to reach your audience. Doing so will expand your reach and grow your fanbase. Also, creating a mailing list and starting an email marketing outreach campaign can also help grow your iFans fanbase.

Alternatively, you can use viral marketing to grow your fanbase. With this technique, creators ask their followers to tag friends and comment on posts to win access to exclusive content for free. That doesn’t just increase engagement but also helps new people to find your content and support you.

Growing your fanbase on iFans doesn’t just mean getting more people to follow you. It also means that your fanbase statistics translate into good earnings for you. Many digital content creators turn things they love or are passionate about into their full-time job, and sites like iFans help them monetize their content.

You might ask, what about my fanbase on my existing platforms? These platforms (often social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) can be great for when you’re just starting. Still, by signing up as a content creator on iFans, you can get more than just likes and shares; you’ll build a fanbase that will be willing to pay you money for accessing your digital media content.

Want to make money as a digital media content creator? Head over to iFans, explore the site, signup, upload your digital content, start building your fanbase and make money.

By Alex
January 7, 2021

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