Here’s how to increase your business on iFans… fast!

January 27

Are you stuck growing your business? Do you have a guide or road map to get to your monthly income goal?

Here are 5 useful

Work on each daily

Regardless of promotion method or account type there are basically 5 ways to make more money.

  1. Increase leads. In our case, possible paying fans. Reach more people. This is usually most people’s focus. It can be excess work if we don’t optimize for the rest. Target an maximize on all traffic sources 







  1. Increase conversion rate. Whether that be more paying subs, getting higher percentage to a free page, or increasing percentage opening their wallets etc.
  2. Increase average transaction size. Upsell , down-sell, cross sell. Are you familiar with terms? 

Upsell – if they like your content, sell them more

Down-sell – if they don’t like your content, create strategic discounts and mass DM your fans 

Cross sell – if they like you & your content, will they also like your friends or other creators you know? You can earn commission on promoting other creators. With iFans if you tag another creator and someone sings up with them you can earn monthly commission on that as well. 

  1. Increase frequency of purchase. 
  2. Increase lifetime value (avg per sub.) Be less concerned for what sub are getting (that isn’t custom or “time” like sexting. And be more willing to discount longer time (bundles) or PPV types of stuff if overall you’re making more money per sub.

You won’t know the metrics for these early on and some never will. But it’s important to not just work “in” your business but also taking a step back and work “on” your business.

Will you skip these steps and not sky-rocket your business?

If you still need help with anyone of these, reach out to us and we’ll have one of our account managers help you !

By Leonardo DeVita
January 27, 2021

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