How to Create Content While Studying Full-time

December 12

From painting and photography to creative writing and speaking skills, the world is full of talented students who never fully showcase their potential. One of the greatest gifts of the internet is that such individuals have the best possible opportunity to exhibit and monetize their skills.

Think about a YouTube channel where you make song covers, an Instagram page for your wildlife photography, a blog about fashion trends, a podcast where you discuss your favorite sport, or an iFans account where you put your content behind a paywall to earn money…the possibilities are endless!

Understanding how to create online content that is good enough and gains traction takes effort. Many students kick off content creation without a clear directive. And sooner or later, they get overwhelmed and abandon their journey. But that doesn’t have to be you!

Here’s what it takes to become a successful content creator while studying full-time.

Before we begin discussing the nitty-gritty of content creation, we would suggest you ask yourself if the content you wish to create will bring you happiness. Producing content is about having fun and finding joy above all else. Don’t expect to make good content if your only aim is fame and money. You are more likely to get frustrated with slow results and eventually quit rather than sticking through the tough times.

On the other hand, if you genuinely enjoy your craft and approach as a hobby, you’re destined to succeed with fame and money as a bonus. Students with a genuine interest in content creation will find that creating content and honing your skills comes easily. And if nothing else, you’d be satisfied with having spent your time producing and sharing a piece of content you love to create, be it an article, music, graphic design, or video.

“There’s so much to do! I can’t ever be as successful as that person. Have I even got what it takes? Maybe I should quit.” These are the common thoughts of most beginner and aspiring content creators. The journey of newbie content creators can undoubtedly be shaky. Chances are you will doubt yourself and your talent. That happens because we often turn to famous and established creators for our inspiration – people who are so far ahead in the game that you can’t imagine yourself getting there.

Head over to YouTube and find a video of Marques Keith Brownlee from about 10 years ago when he was just a kid making product reviews on his subpar laptop webcam. Today he is one of the leading tech YouTubers on the planet, creating a wide array of content using the best professional-grade equipment. While he has over 13 million subscribers now, he started somewhere just like you.

Establishing yourself as a successful content creator takes time. Persistence is the key here, and there’s no shortcut to achieving your goal in days or weeks. Find the fuel that inspires you, stay motivated, and work at making yourself better one day at a time. Once you master the art of digital media content creation, you can monetize your content by using iFans.

If you want your content to resonate with your audience, don’t just take a shot in the dark and expect magic to happen. You have to set the foundation first. Ask yourself what you hope to achieve. Do you want more downloads and views, more subscribers, or more conversions?

Next, determine the kind of content you want to put out and know who you want to target. It is a good idea to create a prototypical member of your target audience – understand their age, gender, location, job, interests, and even emotional state. Take all the factors into consideration, and plan your content strategy around it.

Maybe you’ll have a doubt about your content being not so focused. If so, you may need to tweak your niche to make it more relatable. Do you prefer engaging your existing followers over getting new followers? Then perhaps a social media site like Instagram is better than the likes of Facebook or Twitter. Or maybe you want your audience to read blog posts related to your podcast. In that case, investing in high quality blog content is a no brainer. But remember that the process involves significant trial and error, so be open to ideas and experiments.

“There just isn’t enough time.” A common excuse you have undoubtedly heard or even repeated at some point in time. It is a significant hurdle that prevents many talented students from pursuing their dreams outside the classroom. But if time is the limiting factor, how is it that John is the football team captain, participates in the debate society, has an active social life, and delivers better academic performance? The answer: time isn’t the problem – how you use it is!

There’s no doubt that it does take time and effort if you are serious about embarking on your content-creating journey. And yes, you do have to manage it without neglecting academics. But you’d be amazed at how much time you can pull out of thin air by merely keeping your priorities in mind and cutting out dead time, i.e., procrastination.

It is a good idea to set your weekly or monthly targets and plan your days accordingly. Then write your schedule down and follow it religiously. Don’t try to make both happen together because if you are jumping between tasks, neither will get your full attention. Instead, when you assign time to a job, make sure it receives your undivided attention. It will be hard at first, just like going to the gym makes you sore on the first day. But as you learn content production, you’ll find it to be less challenging and more rewarding.

Your creative journey is bound to present you with challenges and obstacles. Thankfully, you are not alone in the process. The community of content creators is a healthy brotherhood. There are several blogs, books, videos, and forums that you can turn to for support.

Often, you’ll connect with trailblazers who would only help you navigate your way around but prop you up to their built-in fanbase. Return the favor by giving them a shoutout in your videos, posts, or blogs because these symbiotic relationships are vital in increasing your growth and reach.

Developing content designed to generate traffic or views is easier said than done. Not all students want to devout their energy to understanding the particulars – they just want to have fun making original content yet gain followers and monetize their passion. Such individuals can employ professional services that handle most of the technical work in the background and develop a robust content marketing strategy to help you attain your goals.

There’s nothing wrong with asking for help from freelancers or agencies specializing in content marketing, search engine optimization, graphics, photography, video editing, marketing strategy, etc. Once your content is ready, you can upload it to digital media content paywall services like iFans and start earning money.

Hurray! You’ve learned the crucial tips and tricks that can help make your content creation journey a breeze. Remember that it takes persistence, commitment, and effort to become a successful digital content creator. Content creation is a business that you can kick start now while studying full-time. And after you’re done with your studies, you can improve, monetize, and scale your business.

The good news is that if you’re good at producing digital content of any sort, you can earn money by uploading it to iFans – a paywall service where your fans pay money to view your content. By producing and uploading high-quality digital content like videos, graphics, images, and texts to iFans, your fanbase will gradually expand and so will your earnings. Head over to iFans now to monetize your content.

By Alex
December 12, 2020

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