All iFans Features

Subscription Payments

The monthly fee a fan pays to a creator to unlock their ‘premium tier of content’. If a fan cancels, they can still view the premium content until the last day of the month they paid for.

Example:  A fan must pay $10 per month to unlock and view the creator’s premium content that they continually upload. If the fan cancels on November 11, they will still have access to all current and future premium content until December 11. If a fan cancels or removes their credit card, they will no longer be in the "subscribers" list of fans, instead they will be moved to the "expired" list of fans.


Custom Content Requests

A fan can request that the creator make them a custom piece of content. Typically it’s a shoutout to a friend or family member of the fan. (Like Cameo) Options are endless. Example: Tiffany records a 30 second video saying happy birthday to a fan, or promoting a local business.


Mass Messaging + PPV

Creators can send mass message campaigns to their followers, subscribers, or to custom lists. They can attach media to the message that the fan must pay in order to unlock. This is a massive driver of revenue on the platform.

Example: I as a creator can send the message “Which lingerie outfit is your favorite?” with a 2 minute clip of me trying on 4 different lingerie outfits to all the fans on my “Lingerie Lovers” list that I created. The fans I sent the email to must pay whatever fee I set to “unlock” and view the video. 


Tracked Mentions w/ Rev Share

When a creator tags another creator (Example: Tiffany posts “Check out my friend, @Chloe”) in a post, in a direct message, or in a “recommended” link in her profile, all the subscribers that come through that link are tracked. The reporting is shown in the Tiffany’s ‘Earnings’ page.

When Tiffany's fans click this tag and start paying and tipping Chloe, Tiffany will receive 40% of the profits that are paid to Chloe from Tiffany's post. 

External Affiliate System

Subscriptions and payments that creators receive from being marketed and promoted outside of the iFans platform. (Example, swipe-up links on Instagram stories to a creator’s iFans profile, Facebook page posting a link to an iFans profile, or a website/blog linking to an iFans creator profile.) are split between the marketer, and the creator being promoted.

Example: An Instagram page that posts photos and videos of hot babes, posts a video of Tiffany and has a ‘Swipe-up’ link that leads to Tiffany’s iFans profile. The owner of that Instagram page will receive 40% of the sales, while Tiffany receives the other 40%.

Live Streaming

A creator can broadcast a live video to all or just some of their fans, or to the entire platform

Sell Past Live Streams

A creator can post the live stream video once it has concluded. They can choose to sell past live streams as pay-per-view, OR as premium content to subscribers. Fans must pay a one time fee to “unlock” and view the video if PPV, or be actively subscribed to the creator’s iFans profile in order to watch the past live stream.

Live Stream to Entire Platform

A Creator can go live to the entire platform, and the live video stream will show up at the top of each user’s news feed, regardless of whether they follow them or not. Public live streams will be shown in order from most viewers to least, to ensure most popular creators appear first. Each time a new fan comes from a public live stream and subscribes/tips/pays the creator they discovered, the creator splits that with iFans 50/50.

Example: A fan is browsing the iFans site, and sees a public live stream on top. Chloe’s live stream. He finds Chloe’s iFans profile for the first time. He joins the live stream, and starts tipping Chloe, and even subscribes to her. Chloe will then split that revenue with iFans 50/50, since that’s a fan that discovered Chloe through the platform.


5% Uncapped Referrals

When you refer a creator to iFans, and they sign up using your special referral link, you can get 5% of their sales for as long as they are producing revenues.

You don’t have to be a creator in order to refer a new creator.

Right now, Only Fans caps this referral bonus to $50,0000, or 1 year, whichever comes first. 

We are implementing our 5% referral cap at Midnight on January 1st, 2021

Once the cap goes into effect, all creators you refer after that date will earn you a maximum of $50,000 or up to 1 year max, whichever comes first.

All creators you bring in before the above date will be grandfathered in the current deal.

iPay TOKEN (Coming Soon)

(Coming Soon)

Features Coming Soon

Crypto Payments with $iPay

Soon to be released is iFans's official crypto coin called iPay. Crypto payments are irreversible and immune to fraud and chargebacks. Crypto is a great alternative payment method in case banks decide to stop processing adult content merchants. Creators can convert their earnings into iPay tokens, or convert their iPay tokens into US Dollars quickly and easily.

Example: A creator gets tipped $200 in iPay tokens. They can either keep the iPay tokens in their crypto wallet, or convert them to US Dollars immediately. The iPay tokens are subject to fluctuating in value.

This means the iPay tokens USD value can fluctuate between $150 and $350 or any other value in a single day.

Profile Categories & Content Tags

Creators can categorize their profile with up to 3 categories, and tag each piece of content with up to 5 tags

Example: Tiffany’s profile is categorized as: Female, Blonde, and MILF. She makes a post in Lingeries and tags it as #Lingerie. Fans can now browse under those categories and find Tiffany’s profile, and browser the #Lingerie hashtag and find Tiffany's lingerie post.

VR (Virtual Reality) Content

iFans's media player is able to handle 360 video and virtual reality format. We aim to both produce and encourage the production of virtual reality content for and by our creators. VR is an emerging technology with imminent mass adoption. Creators can give personalized experiences for their fans and open up new revenue channels as a result.

Example: A fan can have an immersive experience watching a VR enabled video using their VR headset. Tiffany can host a “Lingerie try-on party” where the fan can feel like they are sitting in a room  watching Tiffany try on different pieces of lingerie. The fan’s view will change as they move their head throughout space.

Creator Management Dashboard

Control unlimited creator accounts under 1 single login. Segment your creators into lists and analyze the earnings reports from one unified dashboard.

Example: Fearless talent agency manages dozens of creators from varying niches in the adult content creator space. They can log in to one single manager account, post content, respond to direct messages, and view earnings reports on behalf of all of the creators they manage.

The manager/agent can categorize the creators they manage into lists like “USA, Latin America” or “MILF'S, Teens” The engagement, earnings stats, and earnings splits can be grouped into these segments for analytics.

The earnings can be paid out to 1 corporate bank account, or be split amongst each individual creator’s bank accounts. 

Free Trial Links

Creators will be able to offer free trials for anywhere from 3-7 days. Fans will be able to access all of the creator's paid content, except wall PPVs. The fan must have a credit card on file before they can start the free trial. Creators can generate a special link that will grant a trial for that duration.

Example: Chloe generates a 3 day free trial link and sends it in a DM on Instagram to a fan. The fan can sign up, add a credit card to their iFans account, and then be given access to all Chloe's premium (Non-PPV) content for 72 hours. The credit card will automatically charge after 72 hours, unless the fan cancels before the 72 hours is over.