The Five Best Makeup Tricks to Look Amazing in Photos

March 13

Isn’t it annoying when you put in so much time and effort in doing your makeup, and your pictures turn out awful later? After all, what’s the point in looking nice for a few hours and not being able to capture it?

With daily makeup, you can get a few decent selfies using filters and good angles, but what about when you’re having your pictures taken professionally? Say you’re a content creator and taking photos for social media – the camera isn’t in your hands, and you have no idea how awful those snaps could turn out to be!

Makeup for professional pictures works so differently from your daily selfies. And if done correctly, your makeup can make a huge difference in your picture output. With a few makeup tips for photos, you can make sure you still look just as amazing as you remember when you go down memory lane.

Everyone knows how important lighting is for a good photo, but do you know what kind of lighting is best for applying makeup? Bathroom selfies are all well and good until you have a DSLR in your hands.

For example, yellow lighting makes you look tired, the light pointing down your face makes your dark circles visible, and pink lighting can make you miss out on a blemish or two.

The best lighting for any photo – from your DSLR or phone camera alike – is natural light. Ideally, you want to be out in the sun. But the sun isn’t around to be your personal light source all the time, in which case white, warm lighting like LEDs is your next best bet. Even with LEDs and other similar light sources, you have to make sure that the light is evenly distributed over your face.

Of course, the best way to make your makeup look fantastic is to actually do it properly, with the camera in mind. If you want to have your pictures taken, make sure to do the best makeup for pictures, not just the best for the mirror.

If you’re a newbie at makeup, you might be wondering how to do your makeup for pictures. Maybe you don’t want to go to a professional makeup artist, but you still want to have good photos to post to social networks.

Bad pictures are usually the result of poorly applied face makeup. The slightest crack in your foundation is glaringly obvious when you capture it on camera. For one thing, make sure to start with a primer. It’ll fill in all the lines and hide imperfections, making your pictures look good.

Don’t stop at your face, though! If your foundation ends at your jawline, the skin tone difference between your neck and face would be apparent. Add a bit of bronzer, some highlighter, and translucent powder, and see what difference it makes in photos!

So, you already know how you should be doing your face makeup. What about the rest?

Be sure to make your eyes the center stage! Like most people, you might be thinking that heavier eyeshadow would make your eyes pop. That may be true in some cases, but the key is to choose an eyeshadow color that suits your style and has a close match with your skin. It must also balance your eye color and the rest of your makeup. It is a good idea to keep darker shades for your eyes’ outer corner and go lighter as you work your way inward.

The best eye makeup for photos would be mattes instead of shimmers, with some thin brown or black eyeliner. We all love that fancy liquid glitter and cat-eye look, but when it comes to capturing photos, heavy eye makeup can draw the attention of the rest of your face. Using a nice thickening mascara that won’t clump can do the trick.

Makeup doesn’t end at your eyes, though. You still have to do your lips!

As usual, the rule is not to go too bold. Use a medium-color lipstick that suits your skin tone. Also, apply a neutral lip liner around the lipstick to fill it out. To make it easier, here’s a small tip: if you look in the mirror and your lips are either all you notice or not noticeable at all, you need to do it over.

For one thing, experiment with your face either a few days before you have to get your photo taken or leave it for later.

Tweezing, plucking, and grooming your face can make it look red or swollen, especially around your eyebrows and upper lips. So, don’t bother your face if you know you’re going to have a photoshoot soon.

Don’t go overboard either! It’s okay to try out new things, but when you’re getting your picture taken, you want to apply makeup that you’re comfortable with so that you don’t end up hating your photos later. What’s the point if you don’t want to post anything to your social profiles?

Everything we’ve told you so far is the word of the pros, but maybe you want some more photo makeup tips. Celebrity makeup artist, Tim Quinn of Armani, emphasizes prepping your skin for makeup to make your face appear fresher. And renowned celebrity stylist Gad Cohen emphasizes using a neutral lip color over flashy lip gloss.

Once you’re done with your makeup for photos, don’t forget to look at yourself from different angles and in different places! Step about two to ten feet away from the mirror to see if your makeup is consistent with how it looks close up because those are the distances from which most people will see you.

Of course, if you’re getting your photo taken, your makeup isn’t the only thing that counts. Your clothes and hairstyle and even the location do a lot to determine how you look in photos. By following the photography makeup tips and tricks explained above, you can rest assured that you’ll look amazing in photos.

By Alex
March 13, 2021

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