The Most Important Steps to Move Your Audience to a New Creator Platform

January 14

As a digital media content creator, you know that mainstream networks like social media platforms, forums, and online chat groups are quite efficient and convenient in building a fanbase. But, when it comes to monetizing your content, it gets a lot harder for most creators since these traditional marketplaces are quite saturated.

Sooner than later, you might want to move your audience to a newer platform like iFans, where you can monetize your digital content. This action could help bridge barriers between you and your followers through better engagement, besides allowing you to market and sell your digital media content effectively.

iFans is essentially a modern marketplace with robust content monetization features and better payouts to creators. You would not like to pass on the opportunity of raking in the additional revenue, would you?

Unlike the traditional media, this new network allows you to put your exclusive digital media content behind a paywall and make it available only to users who pay you for viewing your content. On top of that, high-quality content can get you more fans and better engagement on this new platform.

But growing and retaining your followers on the platforms you already have is a challenging task in itself, let alone moving your followers to a new platform. If you want to migrate your existing media followers to a new creator platform, you must abide by a guide that streamlines the entire process.

Thankfully, the following online community management tips and tricks will make the soft launch and transition smooth and meaningful for you and your audience.

It is a good idea to first break the news of moving to a new platform to your audience than making a sudden move. Your audience may not be prepared to make a transition, so it makes sense to prepare them before full launches. Chances are also that most of your loyal fans will get excited with the news, making your iFans user acquisition an easy job.

When making the announcement, a good social media manager or influencer will tell their followers why they want them to migrate to iFans or any other platform. What benefits does the move hold for your target audiences? Better engagement. Better and exclusive content. Better features of the platform. More reasons?

Second, you could announce the news through a video, a blog post, or a real-time live video. No matter what mediums you choose to make the announcement, be sure to make it as big and ceremonious as possible. Get them invested in the project by teasing your fans with hints within your content or even setting countdowns to the eventually official shift.

Rewarding fans for being the first to sign up on iFans is a great way to improve social media community management. No one wants to be the first ones at a party, and any new platform needs to have enough community engagement, to begin with. To build momentum and move your first fans to the new platform, you will need to incentivize the early signups.

You could offer rewards and giveaways to your existing social media community to sign up and follow you on iFans. For example, you could announce that the first 50 of your followers on the new platform will be randomly selected and sent cool stuff like goody-bags, exclusive merchandise, etc. Such offers will boost engagement on your existing platforms and catalyze the transition of your followers to iFans.

Other incentive ideas for your audience on the new network could include early-bird discounts on your high-value content, free access to your exclusive content for a limited time, and shout-outs to your first 20 fans within your content.

Unlike social networks where content is viewed for free, platforms like iFans regulate the content, ensure privacy, and generate maximum possible revenue from the most committed creators without relying on colossal engagement metrics to profit from advertisements. This is where the early-bird discounts, exclusive content, or limited-time free subscriptions can make a huge difference.

Without keeping track of the migration statistics, you wouldn’t know whether your move was successful. Be sure to keep tabs on the switch by carefully assessing the analytical data and statistics.

For example, iFans will show you statistics about your followers, engagement rates, trends, fans’ behavior, conversion rates, earnings, and more. By keeping an eye on the built-in metrics of iFans, you could identify loopholes and areas for improvement.

Don’t have marketing team members to promote your work? Not a problem! Get your fans on iFans to spread the word about the new platform. This is one of the best community management strategies to promote your work for free, creating brand awareness.

Your most loyal and dedicated followers will promote the platform, as well as your iFans profile, far better than a marketing department. For example, you could give it an emotional twist and ask them things like “Show me the LOVE by spreading the word on social media.”

Transitioning your audience to a new creator platform has to be a smooth experience for your follower. An onboarding guide in the form of a blog post or a screen-recorded video that elucidates the steps of signing up on the new creator network is sure to help your fans. It will make the move quick and hassle-free.

Once you’ve got your iFans profile up and running, be sure to optimize it for search engine ranking. SEO is a cornerstone of the modern online marketing strategy. You don’t want search engines like Google to show your old platform profile when someone searches for you, do you?

Be sure to optimize your new platform profile and content with keywords, heading tags, inbound and outbound links, and other SEO best practices.

So you have a large follower base on social media, forums, Facebook groups, WhatsApp groups, or digital chat rooms. That’s great! But these platforms offer limited or no opportunities for making money with your digital media content. This is where iFans outshines these traditional networks.

While iFans offers immense opportunities to monetize your digital work, migrating your audience from the existing platforms to a modern platform comes with challenges. A proper move plan that incorporates the ideas explained in this post can make the transition smooth and successful.

Are you excited about the opportunities offered by iFans? Signup now to explore how it works!

By Alex
January 14, 2021

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